Effectiveness of LED Light Bulbs

Lightbulbs are devices used for producing light from electricity mostly for lighting dark areas. There exists various types of light bulbs with the common ones being LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent (CFs) light bulbs.LED light bulbs are solid-state lighting devices that are capable of fitting in standard screw-in connections and they utilize LED. Find more about LED vs CFL .Light emitting diodes is the short form for LED used to generate light in bulbs. The diode is a semiconducting chip that is able to produce visible light once electric current pass through it. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use fluorescent lambs that are filled with argon gas and a little bit of mercury. Argon gas and mercury in the fluorescent lamb are hit by negatively charged electrons produced when the cathode is heated. The excited mercury produces ultraviolet light (UV) which is not visible. The fluorescent lamb is coated with the phosphor which when the UV light passes through it emits visible light. Mercury used in CFs makes them be considered less environmentally friendly since in case mercury spills due to breakage of the fluorescent lamp, it would be toxic to human health.

CFs are not energy efficient as compared to LED light bulbs. CFs light bulbs are not instant on light bulbs once switched on but require more time for heating the cathode to generate electrons so that they can light up. Durability of LED light bulbs is key as they are not made out of glass other they are made of plastics which is highly durable. Cold weather is not a limiting factor of LED light bulbs to work properly. LED and CFs light bulbs have the same lighting conditions although the LEDs last longer as use less energy making them cost effective.

Wattage of an LED light is not a major consideration but what should be keenly looked into is the lumen. Lumen is the real measurement of the brightness provided by a light bulb while wattage is the measurement of how much energy a light bulb draws. CFs light bulbs draw much more energy than LED light bulbs for the same number of lumens hence LEDs are more energy efficient. Choosing an LED light bulb to purchase requires one to decide the color needed from the wide array of color ranges and where the bulb is to be used, Kelvins are the measurement units for color temperature and a lesser number shows a yellower color. Converting alternating current from power supply to direct current usable by LED light bulbs requires an LED driver.

LED light bulbs have been recently improving with much better efficiencies, outputs and cost hence can be used in all environments. Fire may occur or failure of the LED light bulbs when compatibility with fixtures is not checked during installation. Check out Len the LED Lightbulb.

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